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              about us


              Xiamen yonghangsheng Mould Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

              Xiamen yonghangsheng Mould Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the predecessor of Xiamen City Lake Hangsheng mold factory

              Founded in 1996, is a professional mold, plastic development and design of integrated enterprise, involving areas of daily necessities, medical, sporting equipment, small household electrical appliances, glasses, bathroom molds and plastic parts

              Products are exported to Japan, the United States, Indonesia, Taiwan and other regions. The company's honesty, strength and quality of products have been recognized by the industry



              Technical advantages

              21 years to focus on double color package products, mold development,

              Advanced imported equipment

              With strong professional and technical and advanced imported equipment

              Diversified service

              The company specializes in the design of various molds, the production

              Professional R & D team

              In the professional production management and rich technical experienc





              Li Meng
              Xin Qun

              new center


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              Blow mold design summary, blow mold exhaust meth...
              NEW 01-08
              Injection mold and blow mold difference
              NEW 10-31
              What technical requirements should be met in the...
              NEW 10-31
              What is the definition of die and mould?
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